Finastra Summit

Accelerated Time to Market

Summit enables financial institutions to build and price new structured instruments and trades quickly and efficiently, with real-time processing of a wide and continually expanding range of financial instruments.


Summit easily integrates with existing infrastructure thanks to its broad range of connectivity tools including real-time off-the-shelf interfaces for industry standard systems, and other Finastra micro-services and solutions.

Optimal Decisions in Real Time

Summit enables institutions to monitor spreads, perform what-if scenarios, check credit lines, and make informed and optimal decisions. Real-time blotters provide concurrent views of trading positions with ready access to the underlying trades.

Components and Micro-Services

A range of components and micro-services integrate with Summit making it a powerful global solution with business-wide functionality across trading desks for both Finastra and non-Finastra systems.

Efficient Operational Workflow

Summit efficiently captures the lifecycle of a broad set of securities and instruments with streamlined operations enabling as much es 50% reduction in internal support costs. It automates workflows from generation of trade confirmation, settlement messaging, and payment processing through to real-time trade position viewers and accounting.

Structured Trading

Summit enables flexible creation of structured products from multiple underlying assets including interest rate, credit, bonds, FX, equity, commodity, and inflation. Traders can use templates to create commonly traded structured products easily and quickly, while benefiting from full integration with operational workflows and risk management procedures.


Summit has inherent flexibility to support complexity and growth of institutions’ trading business and operations. It combines real-time, n-tier distributed processing capabilities with the .NET smart client technology and supports capital markets operations of sophisticated environments.

Vanilla and Structured Fixed Income

Summit meets the rigours demands of bond dealers, issuers, market makers, and treasurers. It has a wide range of coverage for securities and instruments ranging from an broad set of bonds and repos through to mortgage- and asset-backed securities (MBS and ABS).

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